As a psychotropic agent zyprexa belongs to the thienobenzodiazepine class.
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pPatients should be advised of the risk of orthostatic hypotensionespecially during the period of initial dose titration and in association with the use of concomitant drugs that may potentiate the orthostatic effect of Zyprexae.gdiazepam or alcoholsee Warnings and Precautions5.7and Drug Interactions7Patients should be advised to change positions carefully to help prevent orthostatic hypotensionand to lie down if they feel dizzy or faintuntil they feel betterPatients should be advised to call their doctor if they experience any of the following signs and symptoms associated with orthostatic hypotensiondizzinessfast or slow heartbeator fainting./ppDo not swallow the tablet wholeAllow it to dissolve in your mouth without chewing./ppThis medication may make you sweat lessmaking you more likely to get heat strokeAvoid doing things that may cause you to overheatsuch as hard work or exercise in hot weatheror using hot tubsWhen the weather is hotdrink a lot of fluids and dress lightlyIf you overheatquickly look for a place to cool down and restGet medical help right away if you have a fever that does not go awaymental/mood changesheadacheor dizziness./p

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i know i should have titrated down slower, but my psychiatrist i finally found one wanted me to quit zyprexa cold turkey and start paxil.