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pSerum sodium levels below 125 mmol/L have been observed in patients treated with TRILEPTALsee WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONSExperience from clinical trials indicates that serum sodium levels return toward normal when the TRILEPTAL dosage is reduced or discontinuedor when the patient was treated conservativelye.gfluid restriction/ppTRILEPTAL oral suspension contains the following inactive ingredientsascorbic aciddispersible celluloseethanolmacrogol stearatemethyl parahydroxybenzoatepropylene glycolpropyl parahydroxybenzoatepurified watersodium saccharinsorbic acidsorbitolyellow-plum-lemon aroma./ppCaution should be exercised if alcohol is taken in combination with TRILEPTALdue to a possible additive sedative effect./p

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the recommended total daily dose of trileptal is shown in table 1.